The Châtelard Association of Steam Train Admirers
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welcomes you to The Châtelard Attraction Park
Trains spéciaux à vapeur durant le 1er spectacle de locomotives historiques au Parc d'Attractions du Châtelard VS
The epic of The Châtelard Attraction Park started in 1973 to rescue the Historical Funicular (1919), the steepest 2 carriage funicular in the world (max 87%), out of service since 1968, in spite of the road built to transport the materials used to build the Emosson Dam. It was necessary to attract a great number of visitors. The Small Scenic Train of Le Châtelard, The Monorail Cog Railway and The Châtelard Minifunic were built for this purpose (for more details see the history page of each attraction).

The Châtelard Association of Steam Train Admirers
was founded in 2000 to preserve the heritage of The Châtelard Attraction Park by showing it to the public.

In 2001, we rescued the ancient turntable of Brienz built in 1891 (track 80 cm).
We had to adapt it for track 60 cm.

Since the first Steam Trains during Jubilee 2000, we regularly organise events where Steam Traction is in the place of honour.
Steam traction will operate during 2012 on specially week-ends:
June 30
th, July 1st, 7th, 8th + September 8th, 9th ,15th, 16th.

Special Steam Engine Trains can be organised at different dates if the costs can be covered and if the disponibility of the members of the Association allows them.

The Châtelard Association of Steam Trains Admirers needs you all so that steam traction may thrive in this magnificent site in the mountains (become an active member and/or become an associate or supporter).

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Bex, compte S 5002.27.69 CO EP.CECV
code IBAN: CH46 0076 7001 S500 2276 9

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